The most romantic spots in Dubai in 2021

For those who need adventure or the global concept of entertainment, Dubai is a paradise for such people. For those in love, the city has a soft spot too! Treat yourself to the amazing skylines, breath-taking waves, tickle your taste-buds with real culinary delights, or just explore the adventurous desert in depth. Whether you want a long, romantic night-walk, dinner under the stars, cruising in the blowing winds or getting a campfire in the desert, there is something for everyone, though to choose a dating spot can be as tough as to buy Villas for sale in Dubai. We have prepared a guide for you to help you out in this situation.

Pierchic, Madinat Jumeirah

Pierchic is without a doubt one of the most romantic places to date. It is the ambiance that’ll bring out the heartwarming discussions along with the catch-up sessions. The view is quite spectacular, aside from serving some of the best seafood dishes in the city. The privately-owned pier in the Arabian Sea provides Pierchic with a wonderful place in a romantic setting. With soothing music on the deck, the sounds of the sea lurking on the shore, and Pierchic’s cozy setting gives you a bid you won’t be turning down.

Pai Thai in Madinat Jumeirah

Pai Thai is well-known for Thai food. Thus, while food quality is guaranteed, the atmosphere and location are sufficiently good for the right tone! In itself, one of the highlights of Dubai is the Madinat Jumeirah. The streets, the amazing panoramic views of Burj Al Arab on one side, the small stalls and stores, many other cafes and restaurants located in a strategic location all around, have their own charm.

Arrive on the artificial canals in the restaurant at an abra (traditional Arab boats). As they have beautiful outdoor seats, you should reserve the outside table for two and enjoy the stunning views of the Burj al Arab and the starry night. The service is usually great so you can have a pleasant evening without any sign of pain and grief!

Villa Beach

If sharing a meal with your loved one literally sounds romantic to you at the beach, then this is the spot for you. Bury your feet in the cool sand and enjoy a sea view as you lounge over Burj al Arab! Villa Beach has a romantic and optimistic environment. Furthermore, you have outstanding food and friendly service. Your date-night can be changed with stunning sea and hotel views!

The Eauzone, The Royal Mirage

The beauty of this restaurant is that it is a pleasant dining location with many office-goers getting their meetings/lunch here watching the beach by the day. By night, though, for romantic ventures, it becomes the ideal place. The Eauzone is increasingly becoming a favorite place for tasty European cuisine with an Asian twist.

Fish Beach Taverna – Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina

This restaurant comes right from some of the Rom-com classics. Sit under the moon, with the beach in front of you and the iconic Dubai skyline behind you, as you consume delicious Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean dishes. How unconventional the Fish Beach Taverna is just what brings it on our list. You have an option to have your date night in the backyard, at the beach or you can even relax in one of their various bean-bags. See the sunset at the beach sipping on a hot cup of coffee as the fairy lights from above continue to twinkle, warm, and snuggle in the luxurious bean bags. That’s our perfect date for dinner!


Well if the easygoing conventional casual dinner isn’t something you especially like and will

instead go surfing with your lover then do this at The Kite Beach, Dubai. Come in the morning to play a range of beach sports ranging from volleyball to tennis, rest on the beach in the afternoon, go all out in the evening as you engage in a multitude of water sports offered here, from surfing to kite surfing, from parasailing to wake-boarding, and eventually stop in the evening as you eat some of the finest fast food accessible here.

Choosing a location can be a really daunting task for your date as there are a lot of options available. Spots near Bulgari Residences Dubai can be ideal for a date night too. We hope that the following guide will help you out in choosing the next spot for your date in Dubai.